jNetMap 0.5.4 released

Version 0.5.4 is here! I’m releasing it now to address an issue related to the latest java updates, which may break map files when you save them on 0.5.3. So please update to 0.5.4 as soon as possible. But that’s not the only thing – here’s the full list:

  • Hungarian translation by Zoltan Fekete
  • support for spacers in the toolbar
  • added hamburger menu
  • added script support (device menu)
  • added dummy ping method
  • added colored arrows and dots to interface lists
  • added edge labels
  • implemented multi-threaded status updates (configurable)
  • added OUI information if MAC is set (properties and info panel)
  • added desktop actions to the launcher (linux)
  • added custom mime-type “application/x-jnetmap” (linux)
  • fixed serialization problem with latest java versions

jsvnstat 2.0 released

jsvnstat-eth0-noxSo I finally got around to update jsvnstat.

+ interface detection and interface selector. Idea: Vitali, mike2nl
+ nox theme and theme selector
+ more settings (date format, dropdowns, theme)
* refactoring (better separation, vnstat info by-name). Idea: Teemu Toivola, Ian Kumlien
* improved number display in table
* made hour table behave more like the others (current hour first). Idea: Ian Kumlien
* updated flot and jQuery libs

» Demo

» Download (2.0)

Note: Ensure that you webserver allows popen

Also, it’s now available on sourceforge if you want to contribute